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“Hermès is the name of a house, but it is first and foremost the name of a family which, from generation to generation, has been writing the story of a Parisian company founded on know-how and quality, tradition and innovation, since 1837. Hermès creates, produces and sells beautiful, useful and sustainable objects. Its principles of high standards and authenticity, elegance and sobriety, imagination and boldness characterise all of its creations.”

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Le Regard Hermès

“With a single glance, the eyes can convey the proportion of shadow and light in a personality.” Gregoris Pyrpylis, creative director of Hermès Beauty, presents Le Regard, the latest chapter of Hermès Beauty.


Oud Alezan

Christine Nagel, perfumier at Hermès, has chosen a unique oud, extracted from the resin of Aquilaria trees, also called “Wood of the Gods”. A sensual and deep oud, whose warm smell is animal, almost honeyed. An intimate and enveloping note. This oud is particularly precious because only one in a hundred trees delivers its resin, while the extraction is carried out 80 years after the tree is planted.


H24 Herbes Vives, Eau de Parfum

H24 Herbes Vives invites us to follow in the footsteps of the contemporary man in motion who is at home in urban nature. His senses are heightened, his view of the world sharper.